some VIDEOS and misc media files  :

Singer-Songwriter, Recording and Performing Artist ...
MUSIC for TV & Film
Crowd chant (Guitar)
Devil woman (Cover)

In Los Angeles, Hollywood and NAMM 2017-2018  :

Winter NAMM 2019 - Anaheim, CA

Some   videos   and   media   files . . .
NAMM 2016

NAMM 2018

Crazy-seal (Cover)

Digitech RP (promo)

Feel Invinsible (Cover)

Human touch (Cover)

I want it all (Cover)

Kiss n tell (Cover)

Lyrica promo (Piano)

Wicked game (open mic cover)

Piano piece (Improv)

Line6 Pod (Promo)

Song idea (Improv)

Story of my life (Cover)

Temple of thought (Cover)

Wicked game (Piano collab)
With or WO you (Cover)
Yamaha KB (Demo-Cover)

Find you
(Cover and video idea)