GUITAR / PIANO COVERS .. (and some other music I have composed ):
Some of this stuff is really old mixed with new, it is NOT all recent, download and have a listen ..


This was meant to be used in a chase/action scene (computer CGI animation), used PC seuencer with guitar tracks (Digitech RP21)

An old original using GuitarFXbox effects, straight to PC recording, IBANEZ RG series guitar

Sadness Y2K12
Original music I made just for testing some VSTi stuff, used TunaFish & Guitar Rig for recording w/Ibanez RG guitar

Slow Ballad
Based on an instrumental I heard somewhere in the past, with different arrangements. Used Roland /  (BOSS GP100 unit)

Soul Reaver (game) PSX/DreamCast/PC - Eidos
My cover of "Kain music theme" from the game, it's not perfect but different, made with with Zoom G2 (effects & drums) and PC recording multitrack software - custom Kawai guitar w/steve's special bridge pickup.

"F1 Spirit" stock car race theme, MSX video game - Konami
My cover of "F1 Spirit" from the old game, used Ibanez RG270DX, Johnson J-station, durms & backing track made from scratch ... download my Jam-along track here

"Final Fight" title-music cover , AMIGA video game - Capcom
Remake of "FinalFight-Lost in Time" from the Amiga game, used Tunafish & MPT conversions, added some improved instruments. Original composition by Jolyon Myers (aka The Judge).

"FlashBack"-memory 'memoire' Digital remake/remaster, PC video game - Dolphin software
Remake of 'flashback-memoire' from the PC/Amiga game, used Tunafish & MPT conversions for digital remaster of track. Original composition by 'Raphael Gesqua'.

Mac os9 Troubled souls game music remake (HD)
Awesome tune from a Mac game called "Troubled Souls" -- It's kind of like a Pipe Dream type game. Heard this music piece ages ago (1996 maybe ?!) .. but I wanted to remake it from scratch since I couldn't find a decent track anywhere .. just for fun and also to get it out of my head for good !!! ..used Yamaha PSR-273 keyboard as midi controller with Mixcraft for all layered tracks.


House of broken love (GreatWhite)
Rhythm guitar & bass loop with some lead improvisation, made with (ZOOM 9150 Valve) and a strat copy

Nothing else matters (Metallica)
An old piece, short & to the point (recorded with an old  TASCAM cassette multitrack, midi backing track)

For the love of god (Steve Vai)
My quick cover with backing track, Guitar Rig, Behringer tube-monster, cheap Yamaha pickups! - (incomplete)

Miracle of love (Eurythmics)
Cover with backing track + Zoom G2 and multitrack software - custom Yamaha guitar  .. (just testing out pinch harmonics)

Marillion "kayleigh" - solo
Solo cover with midi backing track. added some virtual instruments. Used Ibanez Rx guitar, GuitarRig4 & Reaper.

GNR-Sweet child-O-mine - intro
Cover with backing track (intro only) just experimenting with guitar tones. Used a Samick SG  guitar, Line6 POD2.0 & Reaper.

Pink Floyd - is there anybody out there ?
Cover intro with backing track. old Jay Turser elec guitar with Zoom G1X, used MixCraft6 for recording, testing Zoom's acoustic guitar simulator feature here, but the pickups seem very weak on the highs..

Pod promo tune
Line6 POD HD promo tune .. remake without the voice over - heard this tune on youTube and had to get it out of my head. Used Digitech GSP2101, parts strat clone and mixcraft6.

Jashnn movie songs
My interpretation of 2 songs from the Bollywood hindi film - Jashnn 2009
a mash up of two songs and other lead notes from the movie using Mitchell acoustic guitar.

Crowd-Chant - (Joe Satriani short cover)
Used a Fender strat with Digitech Grunge pedal, directly recorded to reaper (PC)

Jason Mraz - Bella Luna  (Instrumental)  - short cover
Used a Fender strat with Boss BE5 & Digitech Trio+ , directly recorded to reaper (PC)

Airbourne - Runnin wild - (guitar rhythm cover)
Rhythm guitar with "guitar backing track" minus the guitars -- used Korg PX mini and Fender Squier guitar for playin it. recorded with Reaper.


Lyrica 2015 TV commercial
TV commercial for Lyrica 2015 (Piano) without the voice over. Used Yamaha PSR-273 keyboard (Grand Piano sound with sustain).

Mulperi  cover
Rainbow in the dark - Piano cover,  Used Yamaha PSR-273 keyboard (Grand Piano sound with sustain).

Mulperi cover - Dance version
Rainbow in the dark - Techno/Dance version,  Used Yamaha PSR-273 keyboard with built-in drum styles.

Shenmue theme music
Shenmue - main theme Piano,  Used Yamaha PSR-273 keyboard (Grand Piano sound with sustain).

Zelda kakariko Village
Zelda "Twilight Princess" kakariko village Piano cover,  Used Yamaha PSR-273 keyboard (Piano, Flute, Oboe) sounds.

Paralyzah - unigine valley
Quick piano cover,  Used Yamaha PSR-273 keyboard (Grand Piano sound with sustain).

ROXETTE (listen to your heart)
Quick piano cover for intro,  Used Yamaha PSR-273 keyboard (Grand Piano sound with sustain).

Rogo beat mix - song idea
Piano cover/improvisation of some melody I heard from XBLA Roogoo game, with much added stuff - used Yamaha PSR-273 as midi controller with Mixcraft for beats/virtual instruments.

Amiga Oktalyzer - piano sessions
Heard this song ages ago on the Amiga 500 / Oktalyzer ..  don't know what this song is called or who composed it .. but I had to remake it from scratch , just to get it out of my head for good !!! ..used Yamaha PSR-273 keyboard as midi controller with Mixcraft .. for all piano layered tracks.

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