My   Original   music . . .

(1) Reflections

(2) In Theory

(3) Echoes

(4) Longing for you

(5) Millenium sadness

(6) In the woods

(7) On the run

Mechanic Shop (West Coast funk-hiphop)

(Played on Master-Class-Radio 85.5FM - Alberta, Canada)
(Played on DJ-Masen-Radio - Georgia, USA)
(Played on WHTL-Radio 95.2FM - USA)
(Part of Spotify Rap Playlist "Independent Artists - WorldWide"
(Played on "Voice of Navy 104.75FM" - Pattaya, Thailand)
(Played on Radio-Bombo 101.1FM - Apulia, Italy)
(Played on 2BBB community Radio 93.3FM - Coffs Harbour, Australia)
(Played on Radio Larrakia 94.5FM - Darwin, Australia)
(Played on Radio Free Africa FM 89.8 - Mwanza, TANZANIA)
(Played on Radio Moda FM 97.3 - Lima, Peru)
(Played on Radio Sritanjung FM 102.3 - Banyuwangi, Indonesia)
(Played on WMSC Radio 90.3FM, Montclair State University - New Jersey, USA)
(Played on AL-Rasheed Radio 91.5FM, Baghdad, Iraq)
(Played on ANR Radio 87.6FM - Aalborg, Denmark)
(Played on Rock&Pop Radio 89.7FM - Mar Del Plata, Argentina)
(played on "Sports Radio 88.9FM" , Brila, Nigeria)
(played on "Deep pulse radio (deep house, deep techno)" - Mykolayiv, Ukraine)
(Played on ICI Radio-Canada Première CBV-FM 106.3 - Quebec, Canada)
** USED in many TikTok videos - over 1,100 videos !!!

Breaking it (Dance Pop)

(Played on Glacer-FM-Radio, USA)
(Played on College-Underground-Radio, USA)

Life is complicated (EDM style)

(Played on DJ-Eagle-Radio playlist, Arizona, USA)
(Played on NRJ – Hits Remix , Paris-France)
(Played on Hits Music Radio, Barcelona-Spain
(Played on LasRosas Radio 105.5fm – Cordoba, Argentina)
(Played on "Electro" , Zürich, Switzerland)

Ride with me (Dancehall style)

(Played on RadioAfrica, Africa)
(Playlist on Spotify Collab Artists #7)

3 days (Soft Rap/Freestyle)

(Played on Master-Class-Radio 85.5FM, Alberta, Canada)
(Played on Radio-Zainet 101.9FM - Florence, Italy)
(Played on Radio-Jeans 97.5FM, Genoa, Italy)
(Used in TikTok background music)

Waste of time (Pop-Tropical)

(Played on 91.3 FM San Ramón - Canelones, Uruguay)

Waste of Time (DJ Edit-ReMix 2019)

(Played on HardCoreMix)
(Played on "Pump it Up Magazine Radio" - Los Angeles, California)
(Played on "Radio 42 Music for Lounge-Lovers" - Hamburg, Germany)
(Played on "FM 76.2 Poco" - Fukushima, Japan)
(Played on "WCRX FM 88.1" - Chicago, Illinois)

On the run (Alt-Rock Instrumental 2017)

(Reviewed on YouTube by: Music-Business-Advice)

In Theory (Instrumental 2017)

Reflections (Instrumental 2019 remake)

World in Motion (Instrumental 2020)

(Used in TikTok background music)

Convulsions (Alt-Rock Instrumental)

(Played on HardCoreMix)

Awakening (EDM Instrumental)

(Played on DJ-Eagle-Radio playlist)
(Played on & part of TuneBubble playlist "Artists 2020 #109"

Five Gee (SynthWave Instrumental)

Worlds Apart (Alt-Rock Instrumental)

(Played on HardCoreMix)

BLAST OFF (Club-GHouse Instrumental)

(Played on SoundCloud playlists))

Sinking World (Alt-Rock Instrumental)

(Played on Rock FM 95.2 - (Moscow, Russia)
(Played on Radio One 91FM - (Dunedin, New Zealand)

LiL Gangstas (Electro Instrumental)

(Played on SoundCloud playlists)

ANARCHY (Dubstep-Trap Instrumental)
(Used in TikTok videos background music)

Captive (EDM-House Instrumental)

(Played on Eagles-Nest-Radio)

Field of Roses (Future House-Tropical fusion)

(Played on DJ-Andity-Radio)

Petra (EDM-House Instrumental)
(Used in many TikTok videos)

Resolutions (Club-House Instrumental)

(Played and used in youtube travel vlogs)

City Lights (Pop-Dance Instrumental)
(Used in many TikTok videos)

New Dawn (Pop-Dance Instrumental)

2021 ANTHEM (Tropical-Dance Track)

(Played on HardCoreMix)
(Played on & part of TuneBubble playlist "Let's Get Loud"

Pollution (SynthWave instrumental)


Feel the bass (DJ Club-Fusion Track)

(Played on Eagles-Nest-Radio)
(Played on HardCoreMix)

Around the world (Reggaeton fusion)
(Used in many TikTok videos)

Your Love Was A Lie (EDM with Alley on vocals)
**Music video on YT

(Played on Amazing-Radio-US)
(Played on Beats-Radio)
(Played on HardCoreMix)
(Reviewed on YouTube by: Music-Business-Advice)

Out of your way (EDM/Dance single with Alley)
**Music video on YT

(Played on BlogTalk-Radio)
(Played on & part of TuneBubble Album:

Let it Go (RnB collab with Elhi_Music and Alley on vocals)
**Music video on YT

(Played on Bitesize film festival-screening)
(Played on SawtALfarah 104.3FM Sydney, Australia)
(Played on RJL Radio Judaica Lyon 94.5 Lyon, France)
(Played on & part of TuneBubble "Pop..with an Edge" album)

Backpacker (Dance instrumental)

(Played on many "Top20hits" spotify mega-playlists)
(Played on & part of TuneBubble Artists2021 #52 playlist)

Renaissance (instrumental synthpop)

(Played and used on a few YouTube playlists)

Tapped Out (Hiphop instrumental)

(Played on KracRadio & online Magazine - Montreal, Canada)
(Played on SoundCloud playlists)
(Played on TuneBubble "Rap & Hip Hop" YouTube playlist)

Mashup UNO (ReMix)
A mashup of some of my popular songs of 2020-2021 in collab with "Niko Music"

(Played on Radio Stella FM 87.5 - Verona, Italy)
(Played on Trakya Muzik FM 88.5 - Ankara, Turkey)
(Played on Alania FM 104.5 - Vladikavkaz, Russia)
(Used in TikTok background music)
(Played on "Süper Show Radyo 97.3" , Hatay, Turkey)

Moscovium: Beyond the ice wall (SynthPop)

(Played on TuneBubble "featured new release", England)
(Played on "HardCoreJamz")

Seaboard (Club/House tropical track)

(Played on "Radio Ogulin" - Karlovac, Croatia)

Cafe Chill (chillpop instrumental track)

(Played on "HardCoreJamz")
(Played and used in "many" YouTube vlogs and playlists)

Make the place Jump (Dance/Trance track)

(Played on "Naxi House Radio 96.9FM" - Belgrade, Serbia)
(Played on "Sensimedia-Dubstep & Bass Radio" - Los Angeles, CA)
(Played on "WRMDJ Radio" - Annecy, France)
(Played on " Radio Techno" - Moscow, Russia)
(Played on "My95.9FM Radio" - Honolulu, Hawaii)
(Played on "Partytrain Radio" - Ibadan, Nigeria)
(Played on "Radio Ara 102.9FM" - Luxembourg)
(Played on "CoolMusicRadio" - Ibiza, Spain)
(Played on "Radio EyeSee" - Oxford, England)
(Played on "GTI Radio Trance" - Moscow, Russia)
(Played on "radio premia de mar 95.2FM" - Barcelona, Spain)
(Played on "Zak radio Sicilia" - Trapani, Italy)
(Played on "Radio Nord Bourgogne (RNB)" - Agen, France)
(Played on "Fela Radio" - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)
(Played on "Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM" - Suva, Fiji)

Under A Spell (EuroDance/ItaloDisco track)
with Alley on vocals..

(Shared & reposted on YouTube playlists)

Grand House (House-Club DJ music)

Played on "Ear Candy playlist - Rising Artists Blog" - London

Intermission (Instrumental Relax/Study/Chill track)

(Played on "Seven Skies Radio 1 Live" - Magnitogorsk, Russia)
(Played on "Svit Zlin Radio" - Zlin, Czech Republic)
(Played on "Radio 100.3 FM Lantern " - Surgut, Russia)

Footballer (Instrumental Dance track for all football/soccer and sports fans)

** USED on nightly news-Bangladish national TV **
** USED in many TikTok videos - over 7500 videos, sports related **

Orient (chillpop instrumental track)
(Used in many TikTok videos)

Had enough of you (Trap song)

Played on "Hardcoremix"

Traveller (Chill pop instrumental)
(Used in many TikTok & YouTube travel videos)

Arabia (Future pop track)

My Baby Model (R&B track in collab with Cymatics)

Guardian (instrumental) - Lofi track in collab with Cymatics

I Don't Believe I care (House track)

Over the clouds (Dance track)
(Used in many TikTok videos)

Born in the 80's (synthpop track)**Music video on YT

Youtube Music-Video shot in the "Dead Sea - Jordan" feat. myself, click the image on the right for YT vid >>>

The Journey (Alt. Rock instrumental)

Trip Down Memory Lane (Future pop with Alley on vocals)
reviewed by OldTimeMusic, read the full article here

Fleeting Snow (Dance pop instrumental)

Love Gate - A Metal-instrumental (inspired by video games, synthesizers, blues and metal guitars ;)

Youtube vid here >>>

No Tomorrow - Dark Trap track (instrumental)

Mesmerized (Beat) - Free trap beat (instrumental)
Visit my youtube channel for more details >> Click the image on the right >>>

Rapper "VLD" was featured using this beat,

Departed - new R&B track (instrumental)

Retro Gamer - Electronic Dance track (instrumental)

** Used in over 1000 Tiktok videos - Retro computing related **

Melancholic trap "Enough"  in collab with wavGrind

"Spring Vibes" - #chilltrap for Cymatics Orchid Beat (Contest Entry)

Am I Psycho (feat. Rock Lee) on vocals.
GhostHack #music-mixing-contest entry
Vid on YouTube

Pandemonium (instrumental)
Cymatics #Mayhem Trap Pack contest entry
Vid on YouTube

Achieve..  (Trap instrumental)
Vid on YouTube

** Played on a handfull of SPOTIFY playlists **

Wave Crash (instrumental)
Chillttrap track
Vid on YouTube

Louder than words (trap beat)
Racing/Drifting themed..
Car drifting footage vid on YT
** Played on Internet streaming Radio, ITY **

Got me by surprise
A dancepop song in the style of  Ace of base

** played on commercial radio **
(Used in many TikTok videos)

Do you wanit ?
Eurodance song for DJ's and clubs

** Was considered for airplay - BBC Radio 94.9 FM-London **

Haunted Forest (instrumental)
Vid on YouTube
(Used in many TikTok videos)

Path to Nowhere (instrumental)
Dance / EDM  , in collab with Niko Kotoulas
Vid on YouTube

Photo Album (instrumental)
Chill trap - instrumental
Vid on YouTube

House music - instrumental
Vid on YouTube
(Used in many TikTok videos)

Dance music  2023 - instrumental

Vid on YouTube

Reviewed by BuzzSlayer's blog, the article is here
** Used in TIKTOK - over 850 videos! thx guys :)

7 String King
An inspirational guitar instrumental

Chill trap instrumental
** used in TIKTOK - over 850 videos! thx guys :)

Omniverse - Instrumental
Electronic dance music
(Used in some TikTok videos)

Picnic -  Instrumental
Melodic alternative-rock  music
(Used in many TikTok videos)

Melodic-Trap Instrumental

Violet Sky
Deep-House song - Released Apr-21-2023

Played on "MoviPods" with Mr. Mike Burns (American film director/producer)

Played on "BIG RADIO 3 - 96.5 FM" , Bosnia and Herzegovina

Playlisted #1 on Tunebubble "Eclectic Electronic 2023"

** Was reviewd by movie producer Mr. "Mike Burns" on his podcast "Moviepods" - Hollywood, CA

Fashion Show
House music for fashion shows and runways...
** used in TIKTOK - over 68,000 videos and actual Fashion Shows! thx guys :)

I stay missing you
Pop Dance breakup song with my vocals on it.. vid on YT
* Played on "Hitzonefm" - FM commercial radio
** Playlisted in Spotify WAVER with over 500 spins

Rap / hiphop beat, .. vid on YT

My first guitar
Alternative rock, guitar instrumental

Aztecs (instrumental)
Reggaeton flute instrumental
(Used in some TikTok videos)

Istanbul (instrumental)
Bouzouki / Middle-Eastern themed instrumental
** used in TIKTOK - over 18,500 travel videos! thx guys :)

Dancehall song in collab with WavGrind
(Used in some TikTok videos)

City Ride
#synthpop instrumental #motorcycles themed
(Used in some TikTok videos)

Need you at night
#ElectronicDance song - Vid on YT
(Used in some TikTok videos)

Elusive Trail
#Electronic instrumental

Secret Agent
#Electronic #videogames #moviescene #instrumental
** used in TIKTOK - over 47,000 videos! thx guys :)

Chill Trap instrumental

Chill Trap good vibes instrumental

Funky trap song with Saxophone licks
(Used in some TikTok videos)

trap beat / rap instrumental
** playlisted in Spotify WAVER with over 500 spins

Enemy Loading
Chill trap beat / suitable for video gaming intro/loading screen ..etc

Cats !!!
Trap instrumental
(Used in about 12,790 TikTok videos)

Aqua Island
Electronic Dance music / instrumental
(Used in some TikTok videos)

Trap / soft rap instrumental
** used in TIKTOK - over 1700 videos! thx guys :)

Melodic trap instrumental
** used in MetGala for Zendaya presentaion by Vogue magazine!

Cinamatic instrumental

Roll the dice
Dance / Electronic instrumental - Vid on YT

Quiet place
Melodic #Chillout trap

Better Tomorrow
Chill vibe melodic trap

Meditation instrumental

Brain Waves
2024 Synthwave  track - Video on YT
** Used in TIKTOK - over 100 videos! thx guys :)
** Reviewed on SongSync webinar

Humanity Echoes
2024 Electronic hybrid track - cover desing by @knthecreative

Straight to the party
2024 #funkyhouse synthesizer-based song released...

The night is long
2024 #chill #ambient electronic track
** Playlisted in over 5 notable Spotify playlists

2024 #Melodictechno song, vid on YT
(Used in some spotify Playlists)

2024 #dance song, video on YouTube

2024 #synthpop song, lyric video on YouTube
** Popular on Tiktok ..
(Used in some spotify Playlists)

Winning Team
2024 #Electronic sports theme instrumental for vlogs and tiktok vids

The Path Not Taken - instrumental
2024 #AfroBeat intrumental,  video on YT

Summer Fun
2024 #Tropical electronic dance instrumental for travel vlogs

Slap This !
2024 #SlapBass DJ dance track .. for parties and DJ music

Ancient Ruins
2024 #synthpop instrumental .. vid on YT

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(Performing Rights Organization)
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!!! Enjoy my music !!!

My previously published Guitar-instrumental-album in 2019

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Releases with Bentley-Records :
Feel You Again  An R&B song that talks about a break up, a musician's struggle and a hint of my own personal life..


The music-video is here ...
Another Lie EDM song about marital problems and a deception. Production credits on this one.

(This song was also published & distributed in the Korean/Asian market)
The music-video is here ...
Do You Wanit High energy Eurodance track for clubs, DJ's and party music. Composer & Production-credits on this one.

YT music-video is here ...

Cover-Art can be downloaded here : <<<
Freebies ...

You fought with the love - FREE BEAT
Free rap/trap beat to use in your song, made with 100% royalty free can use this beat to write your own song with it and publish, just mention the producer "naderGator" as a courtesy..

Beat with hook
Beat without the hook

Mesmerized - FREE BEAT
This beat has been used by rapper "Vlad" and no longer available for download.

You can still preview it here though
Trap beat idea - FREE BEAT
Free trap beat idea for inspiration..made with 100% royalty free samples.


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