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My name is Nader. Pronounced (Nay_der), I am of Cherkess origins (Circassian-American) currently living in Orange County, California. I'm a Singer-Songwriter and a Music-Producer in multi-Genre, Signed with Bentley-Records. I like to write original songs and beats that people can relate to and which I think are unique and cool (inspired from our daily lives and from my own life experiences), I also like to (occasionally) perform in public using an acoustic guitar and connect with the audience. I play guitar and sing cover songs of almost anything along with my own original material that I write every now and then. I do it for the love of music! It's my number one passion...


I am influenced by a diverse range of musical styles, ranging from late 90s to the most recent Pop/Rock, Acoustic pop, Alternative Rock, Rap/HipHop ,EDM/House & Pop-Dance .. even electronic video-game music & classicals! .. I'm very open-minded about music and always try to come up with creative fresh new ideas!


I am more of a recording artist..although I do like to perform in public gatherings for family and friends, or at small venues, open mics, coffee shops, restaurants, social events by invitation and various gigs here and there, if the setting is right and comfortable.


I have been playing acoustic & electric guitars since I was 16 years old (on and off) , I discovered my singing talent later in life when I started singing along and recording with other artists and bands. I have played electric guitar as a main role for a while with some garage bands and at small gigs, and later on.. have expanded to playing keyboard, singing, songwriting and music-production..

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