* July 10  NaderGator back on the  "TOP 10" at ReverbNation

* June 30  Invitation to participate in X-fest NW , Labor day weekend 2019

* June 15 The ExtremeTour slots are full, invited for next year as a prefered artist for 2020

* May 20 Social media invite from a Gilroy,CA band to join as a vocalist / singer for "classic rock" genre

* May 3 Social media invite from SF agent/artist manager to enhance artist portfolio and EPK

* Apr 28 Invite to be featured on guitar in an original song by a Monterey,CA band

* Apr 23 On the run instrumental ranking high on "Radio-Air-Play" charts ..

* Apr 19 Joined the ISSA "International Singer-Songwriters Association"

* Feb 16 Released the instrumental single "Journey of Two" on iTunes ..


* Jan 22-2019 Finished and released my "very first" instrumental (new age) guitar album titled "Reflections", this album contains many guitar/drums ideas that I have accumulated over the years, just never had the time to put it all together ... now the time has come! The album will be available on all major media outlets including:  iTunes-Apple Music, spotify, Amazon ..  check it out :)


* Feb 2019 , NaderGator ranking the "TOP 10" at ReverbNation

* Cover song "BIG LOVE" ranks #8 on the charts of Hearthis.at worldwide-music-streaming-app

* Jan 2019 Attended Winter NAMM 2019

* Invite for submitting tracks to ITNS Radio and SWC for promotional purposes

* My cover songs on FanBurst have reached over 4,000+ plays, with likes and shares, thanks everyone :)

* Received invitation for candidacy for joining "The Extreme tour 2019"...More details to follow ..

* Social media invites to remaster some of my cover songs by MAC Arthur productions-Jeff Mac Music


* Invite to make video-clip of one of my cover-songs from a local music production studio, for social media promotional purposes - did not do it, as it would be very costly

* Got email correspondences from music producer Mr. "Loren Israel" in Los Angeles to join their boot camp for vocal training

* Collaboration with local band for working on some Indie Rock/Music/Originals and performing some cover songs

* Social media invites for joining "College Radio Underground"

* Social media invites for joining "Boostrecords.com"

* Attended NAMM 2018
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Singer, Recording and Performing Artist ...

* Working on some cover songs and music ideas here and there ..

* Played a couple of songs in France  cover(1)   cover(2)  This was in a small restaurant / open mic, while on a vacation trip with family

* Social media invites to submit my cover songs to www.jamzmusic.com

* Social media invites to audition my covers at SRL Networks and independent music - LONDON

* Invite for joining a local band "The DANGALEROS" as a keyboard player

* Attended NAMM 2017


2016 and prior ..

* Established my social media sites and links , YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, ReverbNation ..etc

* NaderGator dot com website received a facelift , and was dedicated (for music purposes only)

* Original website was created in 2011 as a hobby site for my electronics projects and stuff that I was creating in my spare time .. It had many followers and a dedicated blog / Guestbook ..etc , those old pages are archived now, somewhere here on this website ;)

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