2022 News...


* Nov-Dec working on a few original songs (lyrics and melody) and a music-video idea..

* Oct 24 Invite to attend Sync Con for music in film and TV conference in Hollywood, CA

* Oct 12 Performed a few cover-songs at La Hacienda Restaurant, Morgan Hill, CA

* Oct 9 Open MIC at Cafe LIFT , San Jose, CA

* Oct 4 Open MIC at Hub's Coffee, Campbell, CA

* Sep 4 Hosted a charitable Open-MIC event at Dash Coffee and Bakery , Fremont, CA

* July 10  NaderGator back on the  "TOP 10" charts at ReverbNation

* May 20 Social media invite from a Gilroy,CA band to join as a vocalist / singer for "classic rock" genre

* May 3 Social media invite from SF agent/artist manager to enhance artist portfolio and EPK

* Apr 28 Invite to be featured on guitar in an original song by a Monterey,CA based band

* Apr 23 On the run instrumental ranking high on "Radio-Air-Play (Jango)" charts ..

* Apr 19 Joined the ISSA "International Singer-Songwriters Association"
* Feb 10 NaderGator ranking the "TOP 10" charts at ReverbNation

* Jan 24 Attended Winter NAMM 2019

* Jan 22 Finished and released my "very first" instrumental (new age) guitar-album titled  "Reflections"

* Jan 10 Cover song "BIG LOVE" ranks #8 on the charts of Hearthis.at worldwide-music-streaming-app

* Invite for submitting tracks to ITNS Radio and SWC for promotional purposes

* My cover songs on FanBurst reached over 4000+ plays (which is now Audius). Thanks everyone :)

* Received invitation to participate in  "The Extreme tour 2019" for touring the USA and possibly worldwide

* Social media invites to remaster some of my cover songs by MAC Arthur productions-Jeff Mac Music


* Invite to make video-clip of one of my cover-songs from a local music production studio, for social media promotional purposes - did not do it, as it would be very costly

* Got email correspondences from music producer in Los Angeles to join their boot camp for vocal training

* Collaboration with local band for working on some Indie Rock/Music/Originals and performing some cover songs

* Social media invites for joining some "internet radio outlets"

* Social media invites for joining "Boostrecords.com"

* Attended NAMM 2018

* Working on some cover songs and music ideas here and there ..

* Played a couple of songs in France  cover(1)   cover(2)  This was in a small restaurant / open mic, while on a vacation trip with family

* Social media invites to submit my cover songs to www.jamzmusic.com

* Social media invites to audition my covers at SRL Networks and independent music - LONDON

* Invite for joining a local band "The DANGALEROS" as a keyboard player

* Attended NAMM 2017


2016 and prior ..

* Established my social media sites and links , YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, ReverbNation ..etc

* NaderGator dot com website received a facelift , and was dedicated (for music purposes only)

* Original website was created in 2010 as a hobby site for my electronics projects and stuff that I was creating in my spare time .. It had many followers and a dedicated blog / Guestbook ..etc , those old pages are archived now (somewhere here on this website) as I shifted my focus entirely on making music

* Dec 24 Released a Club-House style track "PETRA"

* Dec 18 Became an affiliate/partner with "WA Production" , thanks guys!

* Dec 17 Released Future-house-tropical-fusion type instrumental "Field of Roses"

* Dec 15 Released a new EDM-House type instrumental "Captive"

* Dec 2 Invited to perform a virtual audion for "NBC The Voice"

* Dec 1 Released a new DubStep-Trap type instrumental "Anarchy"

* Nov 29 Released my new instrumental "Lil Gangstas"

* Nov 27 Released a new instrumental "Sinking World"

* Nov 25 Received an invite to perform on ITNS Radio Showcase Showdown in Las Vegas

* Nov 20 Released a new CLUB-HOUSE instrumental "BLAST OFF"

* Nov 18 Released a new ALTERNATIVE-ROCK instrumental "Worlds Apart"

* NaderGator is ranked #1 on ReverbNation, Thanks guys!

* Nov 15 Released a new instrumental called "Five Gee (5G)"

* Nov 2 My single "Breaking it" is being played on GlacerFM Radio and also on CollegeUnderground Radio..

* Oct-20 Video-clip in the making for my new single "Breaking it" ..With Budi-Musiq collab

* Sep 7 working on a couple of new songs, fresh beats and lyrics ..

* Aug 15 released a new instrumental "Awakening" on Spotify

* Aug 1 released a new instrumental "Convulsions" on Spotify

* July 31 Artist interview with "Music Buzz Online" , you can read the article at the link

* July 27 Gave my website a much needed facelift. Yes; I do my own graphics and web designs, music marketing and everything in between...(music related or technical)

* July 25 released new beat- instrumental "World in Motion" on Spotify

* July 9 NaderGator is ranking at #1 on ReverbNation charts again!

* July 6 Artist interview with the trending music-magazine "GotMusicTalent" you can read the article at the link

* July 4 released new beat/instrumental "in Theory"

* July 2 Single Re-release of my instrumental "Reflections" on spotify and social media(s) 

* June 26  new Single Re-mix of my orig song "Waste of Time (DJ Edit)" on social media(s)

* June 5 Single Re-release of my popular instrumental "On The Run" on spotify

* May 27 "Mechanic Shop" is being reviewed on USA songwriting competition

* May 23 Invite from Coast2CoastLIVE for artist showcase.
  Various Judges from: A&R at Capitol Records | A&R at Warner | A&R at Motown

* May 20 Invite from a UK based Record label, for possible Marketing Collaboration.

* May 10 Working on a new song idea in (Pop/Dance) style, with a producer from Germany .. stay tuned

* Apr 21 Became a registered BMI ARTIST .. (Performing Rights Organization PRO)

* Apr 15 My original song "Mechanic Shop" was played on DJ Masen Radio and Master Class Radio 85.5
  A big thank you to Mr. Manson Miller and Mr. Stephen Bomi

* Apr 10 Invite from a New York based Record label, for a possible Distribution & Marketing Deal collaboration.

ISSA Awards Nomination in 4 catagories: Songwriter of the year, Emerging artist of the year, USA male rising star and Single of the year "Mechanic Shop"

* Feb 8 Invite from a casting agency to participate in NBC "The Voice" in Baltimore

* Feb 1 Released new original single "Life is complicated", in EDM / House style

* Jan 31 My Instrumental "On the run" was reviewed by "Music-Move-It" episode 45, Thanks Mr. Torrio!

* Jan 25 NaderGator is ranked at #1 on ReverbNation charts!

* Jan 20 Released new original single "Ride with me",  in SwaeLee/Dancehall style

* Jan 5 Released my new original single titled "Mechanic Shop" , original lyrics in Rap/HipHop style

* Jan 3 Finished and released my original single titled "3 Days" , in soft Rap/Free style

* Jan 1st Finished and released my original single titled "Waste of time", original  and lyrics in Pop style

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* Dec 26 Released "Trip Down Memory Lane"  a collab with GhostHack with Alley on vocals

* Dec 22 Released a new "Alternative-Rock" instrumental "The Journey"

* Dec 9 Released new 80's track and **music-video** "Born in the 80's"

* Dec 3 New Release, Dance/Future-pop inspirational track "Over the Clouds"

* Nov 29 Released a new House track "I Don't Believe I Care"

* Nov 15 Released a new Lofi track "Guardian (instrumental)" in collab with Cymatics

* Nov 8 Released a new R&B song "My Baby Model" in collab with Cymatics

* Nov 5 Released a new Future-pop track "Arabia" in collab with GhostHack

* Nov 1 Released a new Chill pop instrumental "Traveller" in collab with wavGrind

* Sep 15 Released a new Chill Trap song "Had enough of you" in collab with Cymatics

* Sep 9 Released a new instrumental "Orient" Chillpop track

* Aug 28 Released a new Electronic/Dance track with promo video for all football/soccer sports fans -> "Footballer"

* Aug 21 Released a new instrumental "Poppin" - Synthwave futuristic track..

* Aug 15 Released a new instrumental "Intermission" relax/study track..

* Aug 10 Released a new track "Grand House" house music/DJ Club style track

* Aug 1 Released a new track "Under A Spell" Eurodance/Italian disco style with "Alley" on vocals...

* July 15 Released a new track "Make the place Jump" Dance/Club style

* July 6 Released a new Chillpop track "Cafe Chill  (instrumental)"

* July 1 Released a new track "Seaboard  (instrumental)" tropical house/club style

* June 22 Released a new instrumental "Moscovium: Beyond the ice wall" Synthpop style

* June 17 Released a Mashup Remix of some of my popular songs, club house style..

* June 14 Got invited by a casting agency, for a TV music-competition series, by CASTING PRODUCER: Asjai Lou

* June 4 My song "Your Love Was A Lie" was reviewed by "Music-Move-It Episode 114" , nominated top song of the week! Thanks Mr. Torrio

* June 2 Released a new instrumental "Renaissance" synthwave style

* May-22 Working on Re-Mastering my catalog of music, since I never had the chance to do it properly before, now I have a little bit of time (and better equipment and space) .. ALL my remastered tracks can now be downloaded all at once at my *Publicly shared* Google-Drive link below:


* May 20 Released a new instrumental "Tapped Out" in collab with Niko_Music

* May 15 NaderGator listed on "TuneBubble Artists 2021 #52" on soundcloud with BackPacker instrumental..

* Apr 25 Released a new instrumental "Backpacker" in collab with Niko_Music

* Apr 2 Released a new RnB/Pop-style single in collab with Elhi_Music , and with "Alley" on vocals..

* Mar 14 my single goes live ON-AIR , playing on "Amazing Radio US" at minute 10:22 of the broadcast , thx guys!

* Mar 10 Released an EDM single with 'Alley' - "Out of your way" and music video

* Mar 9 Joind YouTube MCN "Multi-Channel-Network Zoomin.TV" A global media and entertainment company located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, whom will be managing my YouTube Channel ;)

* Mar 4 YouTube establishes Official Artist Channel OAC for NaderGator

* Feb 26 Released an EDM single with 'Alley' - "Your Love Was A Lie"

* Feb 8 Released a Reggaeton-fusion type instrumental "Around The World"

* Jan 25 All my tracks are now fully Copyrighted with "Digital-AG" and "Audiam"

* Jan 21 Released a Club-fusion type instrumental "Feel the bass"

* Jan 18 Successfully monetized my YouTube channel (thx to my digital marketing friends)

* Jan 16 Received my ISNI artist registration certificate

* Jan 10 Released SynthWave 80's style instrumental "Pollution"

Jan 7 Released a Tropical-Dance single "2021 Anthem" this should be the anthem for the new year and hopefully DJ's around the world will pick-this-up and make it an opening music-medley for their shows :)

* Jan 5 Released a pop-dance instrumental "New Dawn"

* Jan 3 Released a pop-dance type instrumental "City Lights" in collab with Niko Kotoulas

* Jan 1 Released a Club-house type instrumental "Resolutions" in collab with GhostHack

2020 News...

2021 News...

* Dec 24 New house-instrumental "Abscission".

* Dec 14  Released "Photo Album", chill trap instrumental (inspired by nostalgic events)

* Nov 17 Released "Path to Nowhere" , EDM/Dance instrumental in collab with Niko koutoulus

* Nov 1 - HAPPY HALLOWEEN - New instrumental "Haunted Forest", Vid on YT.

* Oct 19 Announcing my 3rd release with "Bentley Records", A Eurodance track for clubs & parties "Do You Wanit"

* Oct 9 New SONG release "Got me by surprise", Vid on YT.

* Sep 30 Interview with HIPHOPDX magazine editorials. You can read the article HERE (pending publishing).

* Aug 28 Released "Achieve", trap instrumental..

* Aug 19 My second release with the record-label "Another Lie" is out..

* Aug 8 CONTEST ENTRY: #Cymatics Mayhem contest, with my track "Pandemonium"

* June 24 My first release with the record-label "Feel you again" is out..

* May 20 EXCITING NEWS: "NaderGator" is now officially signed with a record label "Bentley Records" - New York

* May 15 New track, "Yie Ar Kung-Fu" - Synthwave MSX tribute game-music

* May 5 CONTEST ENTRY: #GhostHack mixing contest, with my track "Am I Psycho - feat. Rock Lee" on vocals.

* Apr 25 CONTEST ENTRY: "Spring Vibes" #Chilltrap track released for Cymatics Orchid Beat challenge (Contest Entry)

* Apr 15 Released a new Melancholic trap "Enough!", in collab with wavGrind

* Mar 15  Released "Retro Gamer", dance-track instrumental (inspired by video games)

* Mar 7 My track "Footballer" was used in nightly news (Bangladesh TV) .. Link here .. thx guys!

* Feb 5 Released a new R&B track "Departed"

* Jan 20 Released *free to use* trap-beat "Mesmerized"
Rapper "VLD" is featured using my beat

* Jan 17 New track, "No Tomorrow" - dark Trap (instrumental)

* Jan 2 Released "Love Gate", a Metal-instrumental (inspired by video games, synthesizers, blues and metal guitars ;)

* Jan 1 New Release, Dance/pop inspirational track "Fleeting Snow"

* Negotiations with LA based mktng agcy for music NFT's collab ;)

2024 News

* Dec 5  Released chill inspirational instrumental "Serenity

* Dec 1  New instrumental release "Better Tomorrow

* Nov 24 Released melodic trap instrumental  "Quiet Place

* Nov 17 New Electronic/Dance instrumental  "Roll The Dice

* Nov 15 Interview with CanvasRebel magazine, read the full article here (Thanks guys!!!)

Nov 13 Exciting news! My song "I stay missing you" was selected for FM radio playback. Every Saturday on "Hitzonefm" .. A BIG thank you to "BentleyRecords" for their support!

* Nov 10 Release of a new Cinamatic instrumental "Daydream

* Nov 7 An article was written about my music productions "music industry analysis" by viberate.com , read the full article here

* Nov 1 New melodic trap instrumental  "Garden

* Oct 22 New soft rap instrumental release "Angel

* Oct 19 my song "Trip down memory lane" has been reviewed by OldTimeMusic, read the full article here

* Oct 9 Released new Electronic Dance Music "Aqua Island"

* Oct 2 New trap instrumental release "CATS !!!

* Sep 23 Chill trap beat / suitable for video gaming intro/loading screen ..etc

* Sep 15 trap instrumental in collab with #cymaticsfm , "Silhouette

* Sep 5 New trap song release "SaxoBoom"

* Sep 3 Release of a new Chill trap instrumental "Vacation"

* Sep 1 Release of a new Guitar-Trap instrumental "Rainstorm"

* Aug 15  Released instrumental track "Secret Agent" for #videogames #moviescene

* Aug 5 New instrumental "Elusive Trail"

* Aug 1 Released new Electronic Dance song "Need you at night"

* July 13  New #synthpop track "City Ride"

* July 10 Signed with a new music-publisher through BYTEDANCE  Downtown Music Publishing , redistributed most of my old music catalog...ALL my music is now pre-cleared for film, television and commercial advertising

* July 4th Released Dancehall song in collab with WavGrind "Soundbwoy"

* June 20  New Bouzouki / Middle-Eastern themed instrumental "Istanbul"

* June 15 Released a Reggaeton flute instrumental "Aztecs"

* June 5 New Alternative-Rock (instrumental) released "My First Guitar"

* June 1 Released new Rap / hiphop beat. vid here

* May 15 Released Pop-Dance breakup song "I stay missing you"

* May 7 Released "Fashion Show" , house-music track for runways..

* May 1 Free-beat giveaway "you fough with the love", download links on music tab..

* Apr 24 Interview with "Nashville Voyager" trending magazine.  Read it here. Thanks guys!

* Apr 21 Released "Violey Sky" Deep-House Song, Played on "MoviPods" with Mr. Mike Burns (American film director/producer)

* Apr 1 Released a new Melodic-Trap instrumental "Supernatural"

* Mar 8 A blog review written about my single "Skis" by BuzzSlayer's, read it here

* Mar 3 Melodic-Alternative-Rock (instrumental) released "Picnic"

* Mar 1 Switched to new hosting "for this website" .. all links to files should be all working

* Feb 10 Released a new instrumental "Omniverse"

* Jan 12 New Chill-Trap instrumental "Wedding"

* Jan 9 Released a new Guitar-instrumental "7 String King"

* Jan 2 Happy*New*Year--New and fresh Dance instrumental "Skis". Vid on YT

2023 News...

* July 15 new #synthpop instrumental "Ancient Ruins"

* July 3 Invited by SPIN magazine for a possible article release , details to follow..

* July 2 Released Slapbass DJ dance track "Slap This!" vid on YT

* June 28 Tropical instrumental relased "Summer Fun"

* June 20  New afrobeat release "The Path Not Taken" , vid on YT

* June 1st, Released sports theme "Winning Team", vid on youtube ..

  May 24 New #synthpop song released "Gone", Lyric video on YouTube
  TheSoundsWontStop wrote an awesome review about this song, read the article here:

* May 17 Released dance song "Apocalypse" , vid on YouTube

* May 2nd New song released "Lost" - MelodicTechno .. vid on YT

* Apr 10 Invitation by @sidekick music  (Virgin UK) to participate in Remix contest

* Apr 4 Released Electronic-ambient #chill track "The night is long"  

* Mar 1st New #funkyHouse synthesizer track released -- "Straight to the party"

* Feb 4th A BIG thank you to BentleyRecords for inviting me to the Grammys after party in Los Angeles - Very grateful

* Feb 2 Released Electronic-hybrid track "Humanity echoes"  

* Jan 20 Mr. Chris SD reviewed my latest release on his LIVE broadcast. Replay here

* Jan 18 RARMAG reviewed "Brain Waves". Read the full article here - Thx guys!

* Jan 4 Released Synthwave track "Brain Waves

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