My name is Nader .. pronounced (Nay_der) , I am a singer, guitarist and a musician in general ..  I like to play guitar & sing cover songs of mostly anything along with my own original material every now and then .. My talent is mostly in my multi-textured voice , as I also like to sing with heart & passion and connect with the audience emotionally :)

I'm more of a recording artist .. although I do like to perform in gatherings for family and friends, or at small venues, open mics, coffee shops, restaurants and various gigs here and there .. if the setting is right and comfortable ..

I am influenced by a wide and diverse range of musical styles, ranging from late 90s to the most recent Pop/Rock/Acoustic/Indie/Alternative .. Metallica, Vai, Satriani, Isaak, The Police, GNR, U2, Adams, Jovi, Coldplay, Indie rock & pop, Christian rock, even classical music and instrumentals .. etc
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Singer, Recording and Performing Artist ...

I have been playing acoustic & electric guitars since I was 16 years old (on and off) , I discovered my singing talent later in life when I started singing along and recording with other artists and bands. I have played electric guitar as a main role for a while with some garage bands and at small gigs, and later on .. have expanded to keyboards , vocals and a solo act ..