Here you'll find some various projects that I constantly build or modify. My focus is usually on turning older hardware into something usefull or more interesting, I also like the challenge of doing that .. as with all projects, do it at your own risk! .. all these projects are for educational and entertainment purposes only, no reverse engineering/hacking or violation of any law(s) is intended or implied here.


(1) A cheap firewall (headless)

(2) Build your own cheap print server from an old computer (headless)

(3) Custom Xbox Classic arcade controller + mame Emulator

(4) Using Nintendo gamepad on a PC + emulator

(5) Using Playstation Controller on a PC + emulator

(6) Build a secure home web server - Linux based (CD version)

(7) A customized Arch LINUX desktop (KDEMOD)

(8) Xbox360 Dual DVD mod

(9) Rockband drumset mod (eDrum Machine on PC)

(10) Xbox360 simple "Rapid Fire"

(11)  Hardware case mods

(12) Build a perfect "Debian5" LINUX home server

(13) Home Theater PC (HTPC) with IR reciever & remote

(14) Guitar Project : rebuilding a Yamaha EG112

(15) Re-building a classical Nintendo / Mame Arcade 'set top box'

(16) Vox AmPlug guitar Headphone amp "Metal" + "Clean" sound mod

(17) DIY EEPROM BIOS Programmer

(18) Building Guitar Amp from scratch using GR4

(19) EEprom Programmer for Winbond W27C512 chips

(20) Miniature tube amp "the Nano amp"

(21) Laptop motherboard diagnostic & repair

(22) M-Audio AXIOM25 "SoftSynth" modification - DAW setup

(23) Guitar Project : Built-in guitar effects (w/headphones & batteries)

(24) Trainwreck Express tube amp clone - conversion from vintage Viking88 reel-2-reel

(25) Home-made DELAY pedal (DeepBlueDelay-seaUrchin)

(26) Home-made REVERB pedal (Box Of Hall)

(27) Flashing Samsung phone and changing carriers / manual programming

(28) Yamaha PSR-273 Line-In custom mod

(29) Strat guitar rotary switch upgrade

(30) Webster Chicago/Webcor - tube amp conversion

(31) Acoustic guitar pickup upgrade - Piezo

(32) Car stereo AUX-IN mod - (Ford Explorer)

More coming soon ...
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